Photo: Dorit Salutskij

Photo: Dorit Salutskij

Ossi Paloneva is a Finnish self-taught chef, food entrepreneur and pioneer of ecological cooking. Ossi is focused on the ingredients of the future and intelligent and innovative food solutions. The food industry is at a turning point, with vegan, insect, organic, and wild food on the rise. Ossi works with all of these themes, the most important of which is Finnish nature and wild food. Ossi was also a founding member of Finland’s first waste food restaurant:

“Eating is the most political act a person performs in their daily routine. Chefs, food companies and restaurants are the trendsetters of food culture. A chef’s involvement with food doesn’t have to end at the edge of the plate.”

In addition to cooking, Ossi speaks, educates and creates products and recipes. His wild food concept restaurant VILLD has been made into a YouTube series.

“Food and its consumption affect not only the climate, water system and soil, but also the tourism industry, country brand, and comprehensive well-being of society by maintaining the vitality of rural areas; it should be treated seriously. By investing in the cultivation and breeding of endemic food plants, nature, and turning our distinct growing climate into an asset, Finland can be at the forefront of a more sustainable, ecological and ethical food culture”.

VILLD will open as a permanent restaurant in November 2019.

You can contact Ossi for collaborations, catering, consulting, interviews etc. on:

+358 405 097 978